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Stronger Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are the lifeblood of our City. We must support our Neighborhood Associations with more resources and training. Cultivate new leaders for associations lacking representation. Offer community development support to associations that show evidence of improving the appearance of their communities, sustainability efforts and engagement. Code enforcement policies must continually be reviewed with feedback from our residents in order to ensure that our City remains attractive. Our major corridor highways (Oakland Park Blvd, Commercial and Federal Highway) need increased attention with code enforcement to keep up their appearances.

Sustainable Growth

Oakland Park is quickly becoming a major hub of housing and commercial development. If not kept in check, special interest influence will lead to over-development. New projects should not be approved without consideration for impacts on our traffic, our neighborhoods, water and sewer capacity and our quality of life. We need a balanced approach to development that allows Oakland Park to grow responsibly over the decades to come.

Crime and Safety

Crime continues to be a major problem in our City. Too many residents have had to face home invasions and car break-ins. We need a community policing plan that engages residents. This plan should continually improve neighborhood and Police relations; and open up lines of communication with Police and the neighborhoods they serve. Giving our Police and Fire Departments the resources they need to protect our homes is essential.

Business and Economic Success

Jonathon understands the importance of small businesses to growing a strong economy and increasing wages in Oakland Park. As Commissioner, Jonathon will support policies that attract business development and reduce unnecessary red tape. We also need to ensure that housing development includes units that people from every income level can afford. As we build an engine of economic success, we should be intentional that no communities in our City are left behind.

Communication with Residents

Many residents have shared with me that they would like to see better communication coming from City Hall. Issues like infrastructure planning, new proposed building developments and code need more notice in order to ensure all members of the community can be present and give feedback. I would make it a top priority to open up lines of communication between residents and our City Commission. I will use face to face meetings and virtual meetings to give residents many platforms to provide feedback. I am committed to holding monthly open forums for residents to meet with me in person and online to voice concerns and ideas. One example of poor communication remains to be the confusion that surrounds the development of the former K-Mart on Oakland Park Blvd. This property has sat vacant and in blight for three years and many residents still do not understand why there has been no progress. Better communication between our City and our residents is critical to the success of Oakland Park!  

Paid for and approved by Jonathon May, Non-Partisan for Oakland Park City Commission

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