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While growing up poor in rural South Carolina, others saw and felt there was something different about me. I knew things far beyond my years. The phone would ring and I would know who was on the other end before my mother picked up. I would get vivid pictures in my mind about events that had not happened yet. My grandmother who was also psychic used to call it our “ESP”. As a student in college, I dedicated my study to the metaphysical and began offering readings to my close friends and family at eighteen. Later, I went on to study Education in hopes of being a spiritual teacher for others. I am committed to sharing spiritual and personal development solutions with the world. I am here to help you become the best version of yourself. My organization, “Divinely Living”, offers one on one personal coaching, group coaching, courses, seminars and live events. I am available for events in your homes and places of business upon request as well. Message me about booking for your next party, gathering or educational event. My goal in association with Volo Project Happiness Blueprint is to ignite learning, growth and personal development in 1,111 people this year! There has never been a time before where the world needed spiritual empowerment more than now. Let’s unlock your greatest potential and see how far you can go!

Peace, Love and Light
Dr. May

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Founding Coach at Volo
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